2021, Volume 24, Issue 4

Special Issue on "Teacher Professional Development in STEM Education"

Guest Editor(s): Morris Jong, Yanjie Song, Elliot Soloway and Cathleen Norris

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Full Length Articles

Exploring University Students’ Preferences for AI-assisted Learning Environment: A Drawing Analysis with Activity Theory Framework

Chiu-Lin Lai

Learning Analytics for Investigating the Mind Map-Guided AI Chatbot Approach in an EFL Flipped Speaking Classroom

Chi-Jen Lin and Husni Mubarok

Development of an Adaptive Game-based Diagnostic and Remedial Learning System based on the Concept-effect Model for Improving Learning Achievements in Mathematics

Hui-Chun Chu, Jun-Ming Chen, Fan-Ray Kuo and Shu-Min Yang


Teacher Professional Development in STEM Education

Morris Jong, Yanjie Song, Elliot Soloway and Cathleen Norris

Special Issue Articles

Teachers’ Professional Development with Peer Coaching to Support Students with Intellectual Disabilities in STEM Learning

Winnie Wing Mui So, Qianwen He, Irene Nga Yee Cheng, Theodore Tai Ho Lee and Wai Chin Li

Investigating Affordances and Tensions in STEM Applied Learning Programme from Practitioners’ Sensemaking

Yun Wen, Longkai Wu and Sujin He

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