Forthcoming Articles

2023 Volume 26

July 2023 Issue 3 : Special Issue on "Contextualized Multimodal Language Learning"

July 2023 Issue 4 : Special Issue on "Dynamic Accounts of Digital Divides: Longitudinal and Relational Insights into Unequal Learning Gains from Online and Blended Education"

2024 Volume 27

January 2024 Issue 1 : Special Issue on "Designing Microlearning for How People Learn"

April 2024 Issue 2 : Special Issue on "Developing Learner Agency in Smart Environments"

July 2024 Issue 3 : Special Issue on "Preparing for the Future: Cultivating Self-directed Learners with Technology in the K-12 Context"

October 2024 Issue 4 : Special Issue on "Educational Design Research for Human Beings’ Learning Access – Centering Accessibility, Equity, and Inclusion"

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