Forthcoming Articles

Facilitating Inpatients’ Family Members to Learn: A Learning Engagement-Promoting Model to Develop Interactive E-Book Systems for Patient Education

Hsin Huang, Gwo-Jen Hwang

Effects of a Personalized Navigation Support Approach on Students’ Context-Aware Ubiquitous Learning Performances

Wei Li, Chuang-Kai Chiu, Judy C. R. Tseng

Language Learning in the Modern Digital Era

Yu-Ju Lan

In a World of SMART Technology, Why Learn Another Language?

Robert Godwin-Jones

Current and Future Directions in TELL

Dorothy M. Chun

Creating Digital Stories: EFL Learners’ Engagement, Cognitive and Metacognitive Skills

Shao-Ting Alan Hung

EFL Learners’ Intercultural Communication in an Open Social Virtual Environment

Meei-Ling Liaw

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