Forthcoming Articles

2021 Volume 24

July 2021 Issue 3 : Special Issue on "From Conventional AI to Modern AI in education- Re-examining AI and Analytics Techniques for Teaching and Learning"

October 2021 Issue 4 : Special Issue on "Teacher Professional Development in STEM Education"

2022 Volume 25

January 2022 Issue 1 : Special Issue on "Creative Learning in Authentic Contexts with Advanced Educational Technologies"

April 2022 Issue 2 : Special Issue on "Blockchain in Smart Education"

July 2022 Issue 3 : Special Issue on "Understanding and Bridging Gap in Multi-mode Digital Learning during Post-Pandemic Recovery"

October 2022 Issue 4 : Special Issue on "Learning at the Intersection of Data Literacy and Social Justice"

2023 Volume 26

January 2023 Issue 1 : Special Issue on "Human-centered AI in Education: Augment Human Intelligence with Machine Intelligence"

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