2010, Volume 13, Issue 4

Special Issue on "One-to-One Learning in the Mobile and Ubiquitous Computing Age"

Guest Editor(s): Chen-Chung Liu and Marcelo Milrad

Special Issue Articles

Social Knowledge Awareness Map for Computer Supported Ubiquitous Learning Environment

Moushir M. El-Bishouty, Hiroaki Ogata, Samia Rahman, Yoneo Yano

Full Length Articles

The 3P Learning Model

Mohamed Amine Chatti, Matthias Jarke, Marcus Specht

Location Based Services for Outdoor Ecological Learning System: Design and Implementation

Hsien-Sheng Hsiao, Chih-Cheng Lin, Ruei-Ting Feng, Kun Jing Li

Contributing, Exchanging and Linking for Learning: Supporting Web Co-Discovery in One-to-One Environments

Chen-Chung Liu, Ping-Hsing Don, Chen-Wei Chung, Shao-Jun Lin, Gwo-Dong Chen, Baw-Jhiune Liu

Information Technologies in Higher Education: Lessons Learned in Industrial Engineering

Milagros Delgado-Almonte, Hernando Bustos Andreu, Liliana Pedraja-Rejas

A Performance-Oriented Approach to E-Learning in the Workplace

Minhong Wang, Weijia Ran, Jian Liao, Stephen J.H. Yang

Cyberbullying Victimization among Turkish Online Social Utility Members

Yavuz Akbulut, Yusuf Levent Sahin, Bahadir Eristi

Challenges in Educational Modelling: Expressiveness of IMS Learning Design

Manuel Caeiro-Rodríguez, Luis Anido-Rifón, Martín Llamas-Nistal

‘Computer’  and ‘Information and Communication Technology’ : Students’ Culture Specific Interpretations

Jan Elen, Geraldine Clarebout, Frederick Kwaku Sarfo, Lambertus Philippus (Flip) Louw, Johanna Pöysä-Tarhonen, Nick Stassens

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