2013, Volume 16, Issue 2

Special Issue on "Grand Challenges and Research Directions in e-Learning of the 21th Century"

Guest Editor(s): Nian-Shing Chen and Wei-Chieh Fang

Special Issue Articles

A Review of Technological Pedagogical Content Knowledge

Ching Sing Chai, Joyce Hwee Ling Koh, Chin-Chung Tsai

Bridging the Gap: Technology Trends and Use of Technology in Schools

Cher Ping Lim, Yong Zhao, Jo Tondeur, Ching Sing Chai, Chin-Chung Tsai

Positioning Design Epistemology and its Applications in Education Technology

Chin-Chung Tsai, Ching Sing Chai, Benjamin Koon Siak Wong, Huang-Yao Hong, Seng Chee Tan

Full Length Articles

Sustainable e-Learning: Toward a Coherent Body of Knowledge

Karen Stepanyan, Allison Littlejohn, Anoush Margaryan

Developing and Implementing a Framework of Participatory Simulation for Mobile Learning Using Scaffolding

Chengjiu Yin, Yanjie Song, Yoshiyuki Tabata, Hiroaki Ogata, Gwo-Jen Hwang

Using Magic Board as a Teaching Aid in Third Grader Learning of Area Concepts

Wen-Long Chang, Yuan Yuan, Chun-Yi Lee, Min-Hui Chen, Wen-Guu Huang

Timely Diagnostic Feedback for Database Concept Learning

Jian-Wei Lin, Yuan-Cheng Lai, Yuh-Shy Chuang

Game-Based Remedial Instruction in Mastery Learning for Upper-Primary School Students

Chun-Hung Lin, Eric Zhi-Feng Liu, Yu-Liang Chen, Pey-Yan Liou, Maiga Chang, Cheng-Hong Wu, Shyan-Ming Yuan

Situated Poetry Learning Using Multimedia Resource Sharing Approach

Che-Ching Yang, Shian-Shyong Tseng, Anthony Y. H. Liao, Tyne Liang

Using Tangible Companions for Enhancing Learning English Conversation

Yi Hsuan Wang, Shelley S.-C. Young, Jyh-Shing Roger Jang

Book Reviews

Teenagers and Technology

Reviewer: Dermod Madden

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