2015, Volume 18, Issue 4

Special Issue on "Managing Cognitive Load in Technology-Based Learning Environments"

Guest Editor(s): Slava Kalyuga and Tzu-Chien Liu

Special Issue Articles

Computer-Based Learning of Geometry from Integrated and Split-Attention Worked Examples: The Power of Self-Management

Sharon Tindall-Ford, Shirley Agostinho, Sahar Bokosmaty, Fred Paas, Paul Chandler

Learning from Concept Mapping and Hypertext: An Eye Tracking Study

Franck Amadieu, Ladislao Salmerón, Julien Cegarra, Pierre-Vincent Paubel, Julie Lemarié, Aline Chevalier

Using the Multi-Display Teaching System to Lower Cognitive Load

Tsung-Sheng Cheng, Yu-Chun Lu, Chu-Sing Yang

The Effects of Rapid Assessments and Adaptive Restudy Prompts in Multimedia Learning

Alexander Renkl, Irene T. Skuballa, Rolf Schwonke, Nora Harr, Jasmin Leber

Full Length Articles

Pedagogically-Driven Ontology Network for Conceptualizing the e-Learning Assessment Domain

Lucila Romero, Matthew North, Milagros Gutiérrez, Laura Caliusco

Effects of Annotations and Homework on Learning Achievement: An Empirical Study of Scratch Programming Pedagogy

Addison Y. S. Su, Chester S. J. Huang, Stephen J. H. Yang, T. J. Ding, Y. Z. Hsieh

A Review of Emotion Regulation in Intelligent Tutoring Systems

Mehdi Malekzadeh, Mumtaz Begum Mustafa, Adel Lahsasna

Acceptability and Satisfaction of an ICT-based Training for University Teachers

Rocío Herrero, Juana Bretón-López, Luis Farfallini, Soledad Quero, Ignacio Miralles, Rosa Baños, Cristina Botella

Wiki-Mediated Activities in Higher Education: Evidence-Based Analysis of Learning Effectiveness Across Three Studies

Panagiota Altanopoulou, Nikolaos Tselios, Christos Katsanos, Maria Georgoutsou, Maria-Antonia Panagiotaki

Book Reviews

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