2016, Volume 19, Issue 1

Special Issue on "Technology Support for Fostering Life-Long Learning of Learners with Disabilities"

Guest Editor(s): Fahriye Altınay, Kürşat Cagiltay, Mohamed Jemni, Zehra Altınay


Special Issue Articles

Developing Teachers’ Competences for Designing Inclusive Learning Experiences

Silvia Baldiris Navarro, Panagiotis Zervas, Ramon Fabregat Gesa, Demetrios G. Sampson

Internet Use and Cybersecurity Concerns of Individuals with Visual Impairments

Fethi A. Inan, Akbar S. Namin, Rona L. Pogrund, Keith S. Jones

Students with Special Health Care Needs in K-12 Virtual Schools

Heidi Fernandez, Richard E. Ferdig, Lindsay A. Thompson, Katherine Schottke, Erik W. Black

The Role of Social Media Tools: Accessible Tourism for Disabled Citizens

Zehra Altinay, Tulen Saner, Nesrin M. Bahçelerli, Fahriye Altinay

Through the Lens of a Tetrad: Visual Storytelling on Tablets

Rhonda McEwen, Anne Zbitnew, Jennifer Chatsick

Using Educational Games for Sign Language Learning - A SignWriting Learning Game: Case Study

Yosra Bouzid, Mohamed Ali Khenissi, Fathi Essalmi, Mohamed Jemni

Full Length Articles

Job Attainment and Perceived Role Differences of Cyberschool Leaders

Jayson W. Richardson, Dennis Beck, Jason LaFrance, Scott McLeod

Twitter as a Learning Community in Higher Education

María-Carmen Ricoy, Tiberio Feliz

Effects of Situated Mobile Learning Approach on Learning Motivation and Performance of EFL Students

Chester S. J. Huang, Stephen J. H. Yang, Tosti H. C. Chiang, Addison Y. S. Su

An e-Learning Theoretical Framework

Manuela Aparicio, Fernando Bacao, Tiago Oliveira

A Field Study of a Video Supported Seamless-Learning-Setting with Elementary Learners

Thomas Fößl, Martin Ebner, Sandra Schön, Andreas Holzinger

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