2016, Volume 19, Issue 3

Special Issue on "Technology Enhanced Quality Education for All Outcomes from EDUsummIT 2015"

Guest Editor(s): Joke Voogt, Gerald Knezek

Special Issue Articles

Arguing for Computer Science in the School Curriculum

Andrew Fluck, Mary Webb, Margaret Cox, Charoula Angeli, Joyce Malyn-Smith, Joke Voogt, Jason Zagami

A K-6 Computational Thinking Curriculum Framework: Implications for Teacher Knowledge

Charoula Angeli, Joke Voogt, Andrew Fluck, Mary Webb, Margaret Cox, Joyce Malyn-Smith, Jason Zagami

Technology Enhanced Formative Assessment for 21st Century Learning

J. Michael Spector, Dirk Ifenthaler, Demetrios Sampson, Lan (Joy) Yang, Evode Mukama, Amali Warusavitarana, Kulari Lokuge Dona, Koos Eichhorn, Andrew Fluck, Ronghuai Huang, Susan Bridges, Jiingyan Lu, Youqun Ren, Xiaoqing Gui, Christopher C. Deneen, Jonathan San Diego, David C. Gibson

A Multilevel System of Quality Technology-Enhanced Learning and Teaching Indicators

Nancy Law, Dale S. Niederhauser, Rhonda Christensen, Linda Shear

Smart Partnerships to Increase Equity in Education

Margaret Leahy, Niki Davis, Cathy Lewin, Amina Charania, Hasniza Nordin, Davor Orlič, Deirdre Butler, Olatz Lopez-Fernadez

Responding to Challenges in Teacher Professional Development for ICT Integration in Education

Jo Tondeur, Alona Forkosh-Baruch, Sarah Prestridge, Peter Albion, Shiyama Edirisinghe

Educational Digital Technologies in Developing Countries Challenge Third Party Providers

Don Passey, Thérèse Laferrière, Manal Yazbak-Abu Ahmad, Miron Bhowmik, Diana Gross, Janet Price, Paul Resta, Miri Shonfeld

Full Length Articles

Web-based Learning System for Developing and Assessing Clinical Diagnostic Skills for Dermatology Residency Program

Fan-Ray Kuo, Yi-Ying Chin, Chao-Hsien Lee, Yu-Hsien Chiu, Chien-Hui Hong, Kuang-Lieh Lee, Wen-Hsien Ho, Chih-Hung Lee

Fostering Creativity in Tablet-Based Interactive Classrooms

Hye Jeong Kim, Ji Hyeon Park, Sungae Yoo, Hyeoncheol Kim

Effectiveness of a Learner-Directed Model for e-Learning

Stella Lee, Trevor Barker, Vivekanandan Suresh Kumar

Measuring the Moral Reasoning Competencies of Service-Learning e-Tutors

Chih-Feng Chien, Ching-Jung Liao, Brent G. Walters, Ching-Yieh Lee

A Co-Citation Network of Young Children’s Learning with Technology

Kai-Yu Tang, Ming-Chaun Li, Ching-Ting Hsin, Chin-Chung Tsai

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