2017, Volume 20, Issue 4

Special Issue on "Fostering Deep Learning in Problem-Solving Contexts with the Support of Technology"

Guest Editor(s): Minhong Wang, Sharon Derry and Xun Ge

Full Length Articles


Special Issue Articles

Comparing Design Constraints to Support Learning in Technology-guided Inquiry Projects

Lauren R. Applebaum, Jonathan M. Vitale, Elizabeth Gerard, Marcia C. Linn

Design of a Three-Dimensional Cognitive Mapping Approach to Support Inquiry Learning

Juanjuan Chen, Minhong Wang, Chris Dede, Tina A. Grotzer

Leveraging Students Knowledge to Adapt Science Curricula to Local Context

Lana M. Minshew, Kelly J. Barber-Lester, Sharon J. Derry, Janice L. Anderson

Moving Apart and Coming Together: Discourse, Engagement, and Deep Learning

Andrea S. Gomoll, Cindy E. Hmelo-Silver, Erin Tolar, Selma Šabanović, Matthew Francisco

Can Students Identify the Relevant Information to Solve a Problem?

Lishan Zhang, Shengquan Yu, Baoping Li, Jing Wang

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