2000, Volume 3, Issue 3

Special Issue on "On-line Collaborative Learning Environments"

Guest Editor(s): Roger Hartley

Formal Discussion Summaries 

Communications Technology and Personal Identity Formation

Moderator(s) and Summarizer(s): Leslie Henrickson

Implementing Virtual Learning Environments: Looking for Holistic Approach

Moderator(s) and Summarizer(s): Mario Barajas, Martin Owen

Conference Announcements 

Special Issue Articles

Sub-Theme: Collaborative Systems

An Agent Infrastructure to set Collaborative Environments

Carlos José M. Olguín, Armando Luiz N. Delgado, Ivan Luiz M. Ricarte

The Virtual School: An Integrated Collaborative Environment for the Classroom

Philip L. Isenhour, John M. Carroll, Dennis C. Neale, Mary Beth Rosson, Daniel R. Dunlap

NetChat: Communication and Collaboration via WWW

Reinhard Kreutz,  Sven Kiesow, Klaus Spitzer

Web-Supported Emergent-Collaboration In Higher Education Courses

Rafi Nachmias, David Mioduser, Avigail Oren, Judith Ram

Acquiring Working Knowledge through Asynchronous Multimedia Conferencing

Cleo Sgouropoulou, Anastasios Koutoumanos, Peter Goodyear, Emmanuel Skordalakis

Increasing Access to Learning With Hybrid Audio-Data Collaboration

Michael W. Freeman, Lawrence W. Grimes, J. Ray Holliday

The Knowledge Depot: Building and Evaluating a Knowledge Management System

Beatrix Zimmermann, Michael Atwood, Sabina Webb, Michael Kantor

Sub-Theme: The Pedagogies of Collaborative Learning

Using BSCW in Learning & Teaching

Pat Jefferies, Ian Constable

Sub-Theme: Collaborative Interactions 

Sub-Theme: Applications

The FORESEE Project: Connecting Communities to Create Competence

Cathy L. Crossland, Larry K. Monteith, Thomas K. Miller, Lynne B. Brock, Roel Cuejilo, Mary Anne Wheeler, Rebecca Viersen, Laura Zielinski

The Mystery Project: Bridging the Gap On-line

Esther J Dunbar, Susan Linklater, David Oakey

Collaborative Learning via the Internet 

Karen Ragoonaden, Pierre Bordeleau

Sub-Theme: Building Learning Communities

Role of Contracts in Enhancing Community Building in Web Courses

Karen L. Murphy, Sue E. Mahoney, Tina J. Harvell

Sub-Theme: Teacher Education and Staff Development

Teacher Collaboration in a Networked Community

Daniel R. Dunlap, Dennis C. Neale, John M. Carroll

Full Length Articles

Invited Articles

Website Reviews 

Math Goodies

Reviewer: Sue Elwood-Salinas

Math Goodies

Reviewer: Peter Paolucci

Book Reviews 

How Teachers Learn Technology Best

Reviewer: Richard Malinski

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