2004, Volume 7, Issue 1

Formal Discussion Summaries

The E-book vs. The Ordinary Book

Moderator(s) and Summarizer(s): Zygmunt Scheidlinger

Should Online Course Design Meet Accessibility Standards?

Moderator(s) and Summarizer(s): Peter Paolucci

Full Length Articles

Modeling Web-based Educational Systems: Process Design Teaching Model

Franca Pantano Rokou, Elena Rokou, Yannis Rokos

Cohort Learning Online in Graduate Higher Education: Constructing Knowledge in Cyber Community

Elizabeth J. Tisdell, Gabriele I. E. Strohschen, Mary Lynn Carver, Pam Corrigan, Janet Nash, Mary Nelson, Mike Royer, Robin Strom-Mackey, Marguerite O’Connor

Book Reviews

Software Reviews

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